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Shmuel Harofeh Hospital Affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University
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State of Israel
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Physiotherapy Service

  Reception Hours:

Sun-Thu between 8:00-18:00

Fri between 8:00-14:00

  Contact Info 

Telephone   08-9258756  
Fax    08-9258755

A physiotherapy service provides a solution to the rehabilitation-related needs of the patient, and the object is to get the patient mobile and provide him with maximum independence in the context of the functional disabilities caused for various reasons.


The physiotherapy department deals with the evaluation, instruction, treatment and monitoring. The involvement includes a personal treatment program, postural adjustment in sitting position, instruction of the patient to personally carry out the necessary exercises, instruction of the treatment staff and family and continuous monitoring with the object of providing optimal functioning and prevention of functional deterioration.


A patient who is being discharged from the ward, receives guidance as to continuation of treatment at home, and a summary letter with a view to continued treatment in the community.


The physiotherapy department conducts training sessions for the nursing-care staff in the correct use of their bodies during treatment, for the prevention of back pains, accidents and injury, the correct use of the auxiliary aids, familiarity with the wheelchair and means of support.


Apart from this, training of university students of physiotherapy takes place in the physiotherapy department.


Times and days of operation


The majority of patients receive treatment in a physiotherapy institute, located within the Rehabilitation Center, adjacent to one of the rehabilitation wards. There is also another physiotherapy institute in the lungs department, serving mainly the patients that have been hospitalized for the purposes of lung rehabilitation.  A small portion of the patients who are not able to come to the rehabilitation center for medical reasons, receive their treatment in the hospitalization wards. .


Manageress of the Unit

Mr. uria katanov

The Staff


The physiotherapy staff numbers 14 physiotherapists and skilled and professional auxiliaries. Members of the staff are constantly studying on professional courses in various fields, for the purpose of specific specialization and with the object of providing a wide range of treatments in the sphere of geriatric rehabilitation. .

The Spheres of Specialization:


• Neurological rehabilitation after various injuries to the nervous system as a result of strokes, traumas, systemic illnesses - Parkinson's, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and so forth.

• Orthopedic rehabilitation following fractures of limbs and/or the spinal column, joint replacement surgery, amputations etc.

• General rehabilitation of patients with systemic illnesses giving rise to a sharp decrease in functioning such as: pneumonia, bladder infections, heart attacks, surgical operations, etc.

• Respiratory and functional rehabilitation for sufferers from chronic lung diseases (such as COPD, emphysema , etc.).


Equipment, appliances and aids
A wide range of instrumentation and advanced treatment accessories are available in the physiotherapy institutes:


  • GALAXY - a device for isokinetic active/passive activity.
  • THERAPY MASTER - an appliance for exercising movement of the body joints in various degrees of difficulty.
  • TREADMILL - an appliance for a supervised walking workout for a length of time and for endurance.
  • APT (Active Passive Trainer) - a device for active and passive exercise of the upper and lower limbs.
  • MET (medical exercise therapy) - a device for strengthening the muscles and increasing ranges of movement of joints.
  • DST (dynamic step trainer) - steps with height tuning.
  • TILT bed
  • Hydraulic stand for the purpose of getting passive patients to stand up

 In addition, there are available electro-therapy and thermo-therapy instruments for pain relief, various walking aids, stocks, moving surfaces and so forth.


"The Credo" of the physiotherapy department
The outlook in terms of treatment, of the professionals working on the physiotherapy staff, is based on a holistic approach, personal relationship, a human and supportive approach, with a commitment to providing treatment of a high professional standard, providing a central place and respect for the elderly person, close cooperation with the multi-professional staff and the patient's family.

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