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Shmuel Harofeh Hospital Affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University
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State of Israel
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Let's Donate and Influence

The Circle of Friends was established in the late 1970s by a small group of public figures and volunteer members, and today consists of five members of the Board of Directors and 20 other active members who have voluntarily decided to invest their full energies, attention and resources for one purpose: raising funds and organizing activities and volunteering Which is for the well-being of hospitalized elderly and the medical and nursing staff.

To assist in financial support and contributions:

  • in the development of geriatric medical research.
  • In building spacious and modern hospital departments.
  • in the construction of advanced medical laboratories.
  • in purchasing the best modern and innovative medical equipment available today.
  • Training medical students, interns, doctors and nurses on geriatrics throughout the country.

These and other actions help and facilitate, even if only slightly, the sacred work of the medical and nursing staff in the care of hospitalized elderly.

All these require large financial resources, financial contributions and volunteer assistance with manpower.

We turn to you and ask you to come and take part in the spearhead activity.

"Because every old man is a whole world and together we can take care and make it easier at the end of his path"

For details and contact details, please contact:

Tel / Fax: 08-9258785

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