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Shmuel Harofeh Hospital Affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University
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State of Israel
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  Reception Hours :

Patients Visitation H ours : 10:00-21:00

Doctors Reception Hours : 13:30-14:30

Head Nurse Reception Hours: 12:00-13:00

The purpose of rehabilitation is to readjust the elderly disabled person for a maximum level of his functional ability, and for his return home, to his community and the general flow of life with the assistance of a combined and coordinated set up of medical, social, educational and professional resources.

The rehabilitation wards receive elderly patients with neurological or orthopedic injuries following surgery, and elderly patients whose functioning is inferior as a result of illness and who can potentially be rehabilitated.

The treatment is given by a multi-discipline and multi-professional skilled staff, who supervise the patient personally as well as his relatives.
The rehabilitation treatment is personal and specific and is adapted to each patient.
Members of the staff hold weekly meetings in order to adjust the rehabilitation treatment to every patient in a personal way, and this following an evaluation of potential, as done by all the staff personnel who are treating the patients.
The wards are designated for patients who are referred from other medical centers, requiring the continuation of rehabilitation treatment and who meet the criteria of a rehabilitation patient.

Conditions for hospitalization in a ward:

Hospitalization is in wards in which in each room there are 2-3 hospitalization beds.  The patient's daily menu is adjusted to his needs and is under the supervision of nursing care and dietetic medical staff.
There are extensive open areas outside the wards, as well as places for sitting, shaded by pergolas.  There is a lobby in the wards, a dining room and intimate places for seating which enable patients to meet with their families and friends in a comfortable and intimate environment.

The purpose of hospitalization in a ward:

To help support and accompany the patient and his/her family during the rehabilitation process and stabilization of his/her medical condition, until the patient is brought up to a maximum level of independent functioning

The Ward Staff:

Treatment of the patient is given by a multi-disciplinary staff that provides help and assistance to the patient in all the aspects of his life - physical, emotional and social.
The multi-discipline staff works in constant partnership and coordination in order to provide a solution to the needs of the patient and their families.

The Staff Comprises:
- Ward physicians who are experts in geriatrics.
- College educated qualified nurses with professional training in geriatrics and rehabilitation
- Practical nurses skilled in the treatment of patients undergoing rehabilitation.
- Skilled auxiliary personnel (nursing assistants) who have undergone instruction and  training in the treatment of patients  undergoing rehabilitation.
- Physiotherapists
- Occupational Therapists
- Clinical Dietician
- Speech therapist
- Social Worker
- Prosthetics Orthopedist (fitting of appliances and prosthesis)     



• Nursing-care treatment and breakfast

• The patients are placed with professional personnel in the rehabilitation facility according to the morning and evening timetables

• Visit by Doctors in the presence of a Senior Physician


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